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Volunteer Opportunities

  • Food volunteers to organize tailgating on Friday nights (home games only): Volunteers will “shadow” our current team and learn the routine to take the lead for next year. There are only 5 home games this season and we do a fun meal for all band members & families before each.
  • Uniform volunteers to fit students for uniforms: Volunteers will “shadow” our current team during Band Camp and learn the routine to take the lead for next year. Team lead must be “Tier 3” volunteer status with WCS. No sewing required! Just make sure uniforms fit and organize them, help with ongoing uniform needs during the season, etc. 
  • Swag!: Need volunteers to organize the ordering and distribution of member shirts, “show shirts”, and spirit wear.  
  • Spirit buttons: Organize the ordering and distribution of those very cute buttons with band students’ faces on them that we wear at football games. If no one does this, there may be no buttons!
  • Chaperones: Chaperones will be needed for all “away” games and competition days. All chaperones must be “Tier 3” volunteers with WCS. The process to obtain Tier 3 designation can take as long as 6 weeks, so start this process now!
  • US Flag program coordinator(s): Looking for people with great organizational skills to take team lead for this great program.

Reach out to to express interest or request more info about any of these positions. Your involvement makes this group successful!

Help Fundraise via Sponsorships From Local Businesses!

Have you ever noticed how school and neighborhood sports teams have “sponsors” listed on their banners and brochures? These sponsors are local businesses who donate cash to the team in exchange for having their names publicly displayed. CHS Band is in need of sponsors and helpful individuals to secure those sponsorships!

It’s not hard! Just contact a business, ask if they’d like to be a sponsor, and give them our
sponsorship flyer to fill out. If you are interested in helping contact businesses please fill out the form linked here. Once you have filled out the form you will receive an email with a list of businesses and additional information.  If you have any questions please contact Sarah Kuttesch.