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Concert Band

There are a variety of opportunities for students in concert band.  Students will have several opportunities to perform in multiple concerts throughout the year - including spring competitions. Concert band opportunities include:  Wind Ensemble, Symphony Band and 9th Grade Band.  Students also have opportunities to audition for MTSBOA Mid-State Competitions. 


Jazz Band

Jazz Band premiered in spring 2023 and was an immediate smash success!  This popular ensemble meets once a week after school for 2 hours, from Feb-May, and performs at the spring band concert. 

Winter Percussion

Winter percussion provides an opportunity for students to perform in indoor competitions that features both the drum line along with marching formations.  Many band students enjoy the opportunity to learn various percussion instruments by joining this group.  Winter Percussion generally begins in December and runs through the beginning of April.

Winter Guard

Winter Guard provides an opportunity for students who are either in marching band guard or those who would like to learn this area to perform in indoor competitions beyond marching season.  Winter Guard generally begins in December and runs through the beginning of April.

Marching Band


  1. MUSIC- If you love music, marching band is the place for you. Wherever you are in your musical journey, we will teach

    you playing and performance skills including marching, chanting, uniformity, and so much more.

  2. FRIENDS- We are a diverse community of music loving students from all walks of life and grades. Through summer camp, volunteering, practice, and performances, you will build bonds and a support system. By the time school starts you will already know the school building, band mates, and tips on how to survive high school.

  3. INTELLEGENCE- Marching band requires use of both sides of the brain. Studies show that students involved in music on average score significantly higher on standardized tests than those not involved in music.

  4. LIFE SKILLS- In marching band, you will learn leadership, hard work, individual responsibility, discipline, excellence, compassion, and socialization.

  5. EXERCISE- Not only do marching band students get their PE credit, but they will also build muscles, coordination, and burn 200-400 calories per hour of marching band (depends on types of drills).

  6. TIME AND FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT- You will learn the discipline of managing schoolwork and marching band by planning ahead and balancing workload. For games and competitions, you will learn when it’s time to load, dress, eat, warm up, and perform! It is also expected that all marching band members participate in fundraising.

  7. PRIDE- Putting on the crisp uniform, creating energizing music, nailing a performance, and picking yourself back up after mistakes all help build confidence and pride.

  8. COMMUNITY SERVICE AND FUNDRAISING- There are many fundraising and volunteer opportunities that count towards a commendation of Diploma with Volunteerism at CHS, including fair parking, flag deliveries, and parades.

  9. COLLEGE ADMISSIONS- Continuous enrollment in music indicates to universities that you have developed skills in group work, multi-tasking, spatial reasoning, mathematics, leadership, community spirit, and many other areas. All this increases opportunities for possible scholarships.

  10. TRIPS- The Marching band takes many trips, i.e. games, parades, and the annual trip. This year, the band is going to Hawaii.